My Toolkit

They say if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life. Well in my case this is very much true.

I started out my adult life not really knowing what to do with myself, but thankfully, while doing my practical year during my tertiary education, this little thing called "The Web" was born. (Yes, I was very much around in those days, having over 29 years experience now.) And I was hooked. I started designing websites for friends with HTML ver 1 and "Animated Gif's", just basic stuff, until I needed to do more, and found "Allaire - ColdFusion 1", which is now Developed by Adobe and is in its 12th edition.

ColdFusion, is in my opinion, the proverbial, "Sliced Bread" of the internet. A Java based, rapid application environment, with amazing features. But this is not about ColdFusion, its about me.

With HTML and ColdFusion in my pocket, I started doing less "Websites" and more "Web Applications". Over the years I have learnt more, often with hefty "School Fees", and added to my skill set, as new and exciting technologies were developed and introduced to developers.

Today, I continue to develop "Web Based Applications" combined with "Mobile Based Applications" for my clients.

My passion is development, and the internet is my playground. If I can help in any way, please get in touch.

Craig Lintott

My Toolkit

The Internet is an ever evolving animal with its own personality and quirks, and tameing this beast requires the right tools. And the right tools, change regularly.So it is very imporant to keep up to date with the latest technolgies and trends. But more importantly to know when to use them, and when not.

Here are the Majority of tools currently in my toolkit.

My Clients

Over the years I have had many clients and implemented many of my own projects as well. Each client has its own challenges, which is the best part about being a developer as you are never bored. I have developed, Stand alone, socket based Instore music applications, with Mobile integration and song purchasing, Statistical analysis systems, B2B and B2C applications, Media management system, Storage Management Systems and more. Honestly too many to list.

I have also been privileged to work with some really great companies and some truly remarkable individuals at those companies. (One of whom I married). Development really is all about a "Relationship", as to really deliver one needs to truly understand the business and what the system is trying to achieve, not simply develop to a spec.
Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Tourvest Destination Management
  • RiSA - The Recording industry SA
  • RightsSoftware
  • Lumber Ligistics
  • Nedbank SA
  • Vodacom
  • Hollard Insurance
  • Telkom
  • Foundation - Storage Management
  • FlowBox - InStore Music
  • Tourvest Travel Services
  • Smollan
  • Expatulator
  • Lexis Nexis Butterworths - Deedsearch
  • The Association of Unit Trusts
  • Nationwide Airlines
  • Appliance Africa
  • Iburst
  • Intersoft

Get In Touch

If I can help in any way, with development or configuration of your ColdFusion or SQL server, please let me know.